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6 & 7 December 2023


Innovation & Technology

Analytic tools to effectively measure and manage the dangers of earthquakes, landslides, and the risks of crumbling infrastructure.

With the unpredictable and constant threat of earthquakes decimating entire cities and communities without warning, which results in billions of dollars worth of damage, access to disaster relief technology and earthquake management innovations has never been more important.

Emergency food kits, hand crank radios, and emergency signal devices are just some of the basic tech that homeowners and businesses should keep on hand to deal with the threats of earthquakes and other natural disasters as they happen. But what are some of the latest innovations that are being developed to protect communities from earthquakes?

Drones in China are being implemented to fight back against the threat of earthquakes by finding survivors and navigating disaster zones, while structural advancements in the San Francisco Bay Area utilize base isolation technology to keep crucial structures like hospitals secure during an earthquake.

Vibrating Barriers are being designed and tested to help reduce the power of vibrations caused by an earthquake’s ground waves to keep nearby structures safe from the full magnitude of each shock.

See what scientists and engineers are creating to help detect and track seismic activity, including fibre-optic communications cables used to assess magnitude levels, the discrete diode position sensor used to measure drift between building stories, and much more.